A Miami native, I was born to Colombian parents who immigrated to Miami in the 80s. As a child I was fascinated with cameras. I loved jumping infront of the camera and yelling cheese, but eventurally wanted to get behind the camera and conviced my mother to let me get a camera at the age of 6. Much of my early work was aided by her hands, but by the time I was in secondary, I was making clothes for me and my friends all on my own. Originally, Iā€™d intended to go to university for film studies, but my heart was leaning toward fashion design. I was accepted by the prestigious MDS Paris: institut de mode. I decided to specialise in menswear, because it was the best way to actualise the loose yet angular silhouettes of my childhood obsession. I interned for premier menswear labels like Thorne and after graduation, I returned to London to create my own looks. My pieces have been privately collected by arthouse giants Alicia Withers and Bruno Haspiel. I intend to continue pushing the boundaries of menswear until my finger bones dry out.